Genealogy Meeting August 10, 2019

The Imperial Saint Landry Genealogical & Historical Society will meet at 10:00 am on Saturday August 10 at the Opelousas Library located at 212 East Grolee Street. All interested persons are cordially invited to attend and participate in the meeting. 
Michael Wynne will return to present another interesting program for our Society. He is a grandson of the Whipp family of Opelousas who lives in the Alexandria area & is active in genealogy and publishing the many fruits of his genealogical research efforts.
We have asked him to speak of the many values of collecting family history and the sharing of it through publishing it in multiple ways.
He has published many books, some of collections of family letters as well as books of family Photographs.
In addition, he will speak of his experiences in publishing these many books and the ease these days to do so and at reasonable prices.
As usual, he will be delighted to participate on a session after his presentation when attendees may ask questions for further information.
Please come & join us - coffee served beginning around 9:30am.
Michael sent this note & info:

I am so excited o be with you again. Here are my books:

"As I Was Told When I Was Young;
         The History of the Family and the Ancestry of
          Lessie Lee Whipp Wynne (1922- 2011)" (2017)   

        "As I Was Told When I Was Young;
          The History of the Family and the Ancestry of
           Dr. Edward Williamson Wynne, Sr. (1917- 1989)
           (2 Volumes, 2018)

        "The Remarkable World War Two Courtship Letters of      Lessie Lee Whipp and Edward W. Wynne" (2 Volumes, 2019)

        "The Best Of Central Louisiana; A Collection of the CENLA       FOCUS Magazine Columns of Michael Wynne" (2019)

        "Who Shot Huey Long?; The Huey Long Murder Case" (a play,       2019)

        "The Great American Photograph Album" Series (10 volumes to be released, 3 volumes released so far, 2019)

Four of the last series of 10 volumes deal with the people of Opelousas and St. Landry Parish. 

See you then!

Michael Wynne