Genealogy Meeting July 14, 2018

Introduce Cynthia Hofmeisterr -who will be organizing and then reopening the local LDS/Morman Genealogical Library at their facility at 430 Plantation Road in north Opelousas. We are looking
Forward to a close-working Plan -as we had for years in the past.
Have Mardell SIBLEY give a report of the work that she & Stacy DEJEAN have done thus far   to get to know & organize the Genealogy & Louisiana History Collection in our library. We are looking for volunteers to assist with this important undertaking.
(We have & will have soon many new ways to get Genealogical & Historical data right here on our own Opelousas Library - but we need volunteers to assist us in such jobs as: basic searching,  photocopying, scanning, printing miscellaneous charts & basic Info sheets, compiling lists & similar supportive work - think about volunteering to help!)
Present the first (in a series of 15) thirty-minute lesson from “The Great Courses” Series, entitled “Discovering Your ROOTS -  An  Introduction to GENEALOGY” by the well known & highly honored Professor, John Phillip Colletta. 
We invite any interested persons to attend & participate on all our meetings - while we hope you will join as a member - you do not have to be a member to fully participate in any/all discussions. 
Coffee (& usually some sweets) served beginning around 9:30 am - come early & maybe discover a cousin or two while enjoying a cup or two with us. Meeting set for 10:00 am in the upstairs meeting room of OPELOUSAS Library at 212 E Grolee Street.