Genealogy Meeting  cancelled (November 10, 2018)

A big tree at the rear of the library crashed across many library utility lines early Wednesday due to the terrible weather. CLECO has been on the job but once they reestablish their feeder power box, the city will have to have all the various power lines installed to the Library building & to the large AC generating box at the rear of the building. There are 3 separate telephone lines all down as well. Best guess for the very earliest time to reopen with telephone, electrical, as well as AC & heating capability is maybe Monday.
Therefore, regretfully, we will have to keep the library closed until then - & consequently also cancel the Genealogy meeting   scheduled for this Saturday, Nov 10. We never meet in December, so the next meeting will be the second Saturday in January. 
Reminder notices will be sent out about that meeting prior to that time.