Genealogy Meeting March 10, 2018

Imperial St LANDRY Genealogical & Historical Society Meets at 10:00 am this Saturday, March 10 at the OPELOUSAS Library at 212 East Grolee Street.
Please try to attend as we have a lot of important agenda items to address - such as preparing for Opelousas’ 300th Birthday, & the research needed for some good  compilations of many local Family Genealogies & Histories, as well as researching important events, & people in these 300 years.
We will be setting up recognition certificates for families who qualify for such designation as: Founder, Pioneer, Colonist, Early Louisianian, & other appropriate groups such as those who were in the famous Galvez March, etc. Some of you may qualify for more that one - some, perhaps for all!
We will also begin to accept applications for the Introductory Genealogy 101 course - which has a participation limit - so sign up early - agreeable dates, meeting time & length of the sessions will be discussed & mutually decided by agreement of those who sign up & the teachers.
We will offer some suggestions at the meeting of good internet sites where dependable information can be found as well as introduce the various software programs that the Library now subscribes to that greatly assist researching our family genealogy & history.
As usual, one does not have to be a member to attend & participate in the meetings, so this in a very cordial invitation to join us, & do come early & have a nice cup of coffee & maybe discover a new found cousin or two! 
Hope to see you there!